A Very Sharp Left

A Very Sharp Left

“Every choice that you make has the power to alter the direction of your life – pretty big statement I know. The quality of your choices dictate whether you will stay stuck, struggle or live the life of your dreams. What will you choose? 

You are free to choose to move forward, left, right, or backwards, to be happy or sad, single or married, set up your own business or work for others, move overseas or stay in your home country, have children or not have children. You can also choose to not choose for a while, although when you do this you are in danger of letting life make some choices for you and then you wonder what happened… instead of making things happen. 

Your choices can fill you with pleasure or fill you with pain. You don’t wake up one morning and find you are 3kg heavier, it happens over a period of time due to the daily choices you have made. The good news is that you and you alone have the choice to change anything in your life at any moment. When you want something enough you will do whatever it takes to find a way to make it happen. I know that sometimes your choices need to be backed up by the financial ability to follow through with them, so work on getting a plan in place that allows you to keep moving forward. You might also have to take into consideration your family commitments and how any changes you are planning to make will impact them. Many of the choices that can positively impact your life are small and within your reach; your big dreams shape your reality yet it is the small daily consistent choices that move you closer to your dreams. 

New choices lead to new actions and new actions lead to new results. If you sense you are not on the right path – GET OFF IT OR TAKE A VERY SHARP LEFT.”

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