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Explore and unlock your HIGHEST potential

  • INSPIRE yourself, your team , your organization
  • Live a longer , happier and HEALTHIER life
  • Lead fearlessly with COURAGE and CONFIDENCE
  • Pursue your wildest dreams with PASSION & PURPOSE
  • Get up, get out and get moving towards new POSSIBILITIES
  • Turn stress into SUCCESS and enjoy the power of NOW
  • Shatter and GO BEYOND any limiting beliefs
  • Develop your RESILIENCE

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… I look forward to walking and working with you!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”Marianne Williamson

Educate, Empower, Engage, Entertain

Jules delivers a full portfolio of keynote, inspirational, leadership and health advocacy speeches.  With a magical treasure chest of stories, insights, lessons, unconventional concepts and wisdom to draw from, Jules speaks from the heart to deliver powerful speeches tailor made to match the needs of the client and take the audience on a mind-expanding journey.

Jules works with an extensive and impressive client list from BNY Mellon, KLM Airlines, Land Rover, HSBC, to several professional women’s organizations, educational & sporting establishments and healthcare companies. She continues to be rebooked by key corporate companies to inspire and develop their personnel.

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“When you feel good about yourself you radiate positive energy!”#MovingMountains

Ignite the warrior within you and your team.

Transformational Leadership Training for 21st Century Women

The Way of the Warrior – Meditation, Visualization, Declaration, Reflection


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21st Century Peak Performance in Business, Sports and Life.

Half Day and Full Day Workshops or a series of them provide a more intensive learning experience for you and your teams. Jules’ workshops allow participants to work more actively on a specific issue or topic and provide a practical learning environment where they can develop skills, resolve problems and develop new techniques and interpersonal skills.

Jules’s workshops can be run individually but for the most effective results, as a series. These can be followed up with a period of consultancy with participants taking part in presentations. This approach engages staff and uses reinforcement and repetition to deliver the best results to ensure the participants take the most away from these sessions as possible.

Each session is different but continues the ideas and themes of the series and enforces learning for the long term.

This kind of programme format has a highly successful track record in instigating change in attitudes, behaviors and team dynamics quickly and effectively.

The sessions involve a blended learning approach through interactive sessions, role-play, self-exploration and group learning. They can also involve an outdoor physical challenge element to them if required.

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Free your mind, energize your body, nurture your spirit.

Back to nature… back to you:

Tailor made personal and team leadership retreats to give your mind and body back what work and life in the city takes out.


“Every choice that you make has the power to alter the direction of your life – pretty big statement I know. The quality of your choices dictate whether you will stay stuck, struggle or live the life of your dreams. What will you choose? “#MovingMountains


“It’s easy to drift along more out of habit than a clear direction; think about what habits you would like to change that would shift you to where you really want to go.”#MovingMountains


A Very Sharp Left

“Every choice that you make has the power to alter the direction of your life – pretty big statement I know. The quality of your choices dictate…

Choose and Begin

“When you are in the midst of letting go to make room for the new, it’s not uncommon to find yourself burdened by a barrage of obstacles: the…

Career Transition

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“Good leaders inspire people to have confidence in their leader, great leaders inspire people to have confidence in themselves.”Eleanor Roosevelt

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